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Southwest Has No First Class Tickets: Everyone Sits Together
People in Southwest Airlines choose their own seats, and most of the travelers are quite satisfied with that method.

Southwest Has A Price Adjustment Feature: You Can Save Big
Southwest Airlines uses an interesting tactic for keeping its clients and motivating them to continue traveling. The key is that people who have already booked a flight can rebook it after the prices go down.

Chicago Is Southwest’s Busiest Stop: The Hub Of The Airline
Chicago is definitely Southwest’s hub, and people local to Chicago tend to love Southwest, so the relationship works both ways.

They’re Known For Having The Nicest Crew: Make Friends With Your Flight Attendant
Many passengers throughout the years have noticed that the crew members of Southwest are very polite and understanding. Compared to other airline companies, the employees of Southwest Airlines are truly willing to solve any client’s problem.

All Bags Fly Free: Take As Much Luggage As You Want
You can take the first two of your bags for free, this only works if the bags don’t exceed the weight of 50 lbs and 62 inches. If the item exceeds the given weight and is between 51 to 100 lbs, then the passenger has to pay $75 for a one-way flight.

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