How to Identify and Report Fake Facebook Accounts Impersonating The Travel Mom

The safety of The Travel Mom Community on Facebook is taken very seriously by me, and I value the community of kindness that we’ve all created together over the years. However, there are some bad players who want to ruin it for us and I need your help to report their fake accounts as soon as possible.

The Travel Mom Facebook Page has been verified by Facebook as the official page of The Travel Mom community. The blue checkmark next to the page title (The Travel Mom) indicates that it’s the official page. The Travel Mom only communicates with you through verified pages, so you always check for the blue checkmark. 

If you see an account that’s pretending to be The Travel Mom and doesn’t have a blue checkmark, please report it to Facebook and then message me on Facebook, please. We will work with Facebook to ensure it is taken down. You can report potentially impersonating accounts to us even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Is it a Profile or Page
To report someone who’s pretending to be The Travel Mom, first determine if you’re reporting a profile or a Page.

If it’s a page, go here: Report Now

How to Report A Profile

If you have a Facebook account and want to report a profile or Page:

Go to the profile or Page of the impersonating account.

Click below the cover photo.

If you’re reporting a Page, select Find Support or Report Page.

If you’re reporting a profile, select Find Support or Report Profile.

Follow the on-screen instructions for impersonation to file a report.

Thank you again for your support and help in keeping The Travel Mom community safe!

The Travel Mom
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