How to Report A Fake Instagram Account Impersonating The Travel Mom

Instagram takes safety seriously and so do I. The safety of The Travel Mom community is key to its success and we will not stand for any bad actors trying to ruin our community and kindness!

Instagram has verified The Travel Mom account, as has Facebook. While they are the same company, they have different reporting policies and procedures, and I need your help in reporting fake accounts you find online or who contact you.

How can you tell if it’s a fake account?

First, look for the blue checkmark in my profile (see picture. above). If you don’t see it in their profile, then it’s not me. Second, I will never ask you for credit card information or payment for anything. The trips I give away are free. And they will always be that way. I announce the winners of my weekly vacation giveaways via video which is posted on both my Facebook and Instagram channels. I may reach out to you beforehand to confirm your entry, but it will be via direct message, the account will have a blue checkmark, and I won’t ask for money ever.

What to do when you spot a fake account

If you have an Instagram account, you should report it to them here: report imposter account

Once you’ve reported them, please let me know! I appreciate your support and help!

The Travel Mom


The Travel Mom
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