I Just Visited Jamaica During the COVID-19 Pandemic. This Was My Experience.

There are so many questions about travel right now, especially internationally.  The Caribbean has opened their borders again and in an effort to educate myself so I can share information about what it is like to be a visitor to The Islands I traveled to Jamaica. 

What they are doing in terms of COVID-19 protocol is outstanding.

Before you begin your travels, The Jamaica Tourism Authority requires you to complete a Travel Authorization Form within 72 hours of your departure.  Depending on where you are traveling from, you may also be required to have proof of a negative COVID test as well. 

Upon arrival, health professionals greet the plane where everyone has their temperature taken and it is written down on a card you present at the health screening station. Your hands are sanitized before moving on to the next area. Visitors are placed in two lines with physical distancing that is gently enforced by members of the military.  The military team also disinfects the seating area before you move to be interviewed by a nurse who determines if you are to be tested on the spot or sent to quarantine at your hotel.  Your hands are sanitized again before you move on to immigration.  This entire process was less than 40 minutes and well worth it.

Checking into Beaches Negril

Once I arrived at Beaches Negril, my temperature was taken as soon as I got out of the car.  The hotel employees all wore masks and physical distancing markers were placed throughout the lobby.  I was asked again to sanitize my hands before approaching the registration desk.  

I have visited several resorts and destinations to observe how they are implementing measures to create an environment that is designed to keep both guests and staff healthy and Beaches Negril is doing it better than any other place I have seen. 

The reason why it is such a big win is that they are actually enforcing the rules that they have put in place.  It is done in a very pleasant manner with suggestions such as “have you had the chance to sanitize your hands?” when entering a restaurant or the polite “may I offer you a mask?” when entering an indoor space.  

The resort is very spread out with a beautiful beach and plenty of room to be socially distanced from other guests.  I saw employees constantly cleaning and disinfecting every area including the slides in the waterpark.

Guests are spaced out at tables so no one is on top of each other and the dining experience remains enjoyable. 

Beaches Negril creates a platinum protocol of cleanliness and they are truly putting it all into practice at the resort. Learn more about their process.

Jamaica had a very small number of COVID cases because they closed their borders as soon as it began. Now that they have reopened with the new protocols in place let’s hope that number remains low. 

My experience was lovely and I respect all the efforts being made to create an environment that is focused on health, safety, relaxation, and having a good time.

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