The Ulti-Mutt Pet Friendly Hotels and Vacations

If you’re a dog lover, you might feel like a family vacation just isn’t complete without your furry friend. That’s why I think it’s so amazing when I find hotels that allow pets! Pet friendly hotels are easier to find than ever.

How to Find Pet Friendly Hotels

Using search engines like or search tools on sites like Best Western and Comfort Inn, you can find pet friendly hotels near you.

To narrow down your search, you can also try using to find destinations near you.

hotels that allow pets
Hotels that allow pets are perfect for pampering your pup!

What Should I Look For In a Pet Friendly Hotel?

There is a definite difference between hotels that allow pets, and hotels that are pet FRIENDLY. While some hotels will merely tolerate your pet, there are some resorts and hotels that will cater to your pet’s needs and desires, making it a vacation for the whole family!

Certain hotel chains like Four Seasons and Loews Hotels provide room service menus for your pets, special beds for your pup, and even litter boxes for your cats on request.

When looking for a pet friendly hotel, look for properties with low or reasonable nightly pet fees. While some hotels will charge no fee or a small fee for your canine companions, other hotel chains will charge pet owners an extravagant amount to keep their pets on site.

For road trippers, Motel 6 can be an affordable place to stay- with no pet fees, it makes it a convenient place to stop along the road. If you want to stay in a budget price range, Red Roof Inn is also a perfect option if you want your pet to stay for free.

Hotels that allow pets aren’t just limited to mid-price locations; even luxury resorts often have pet friendly offers. At the La Quinta Resort, a Waldorf Astoria property, pups are provided with stainless steel food bowls, plush dog beds, and even designated doggie relief stations throughout the property.

Next time you’re looking to travel, don’t worry about putting your furry family member away in the kennel. It is easier than ever to vacation with your pets, and make the best of your next hotel stay.

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