The Perfect Wine Openers for Every Occasion

I have always enthusiastically enjoyed wine although I was not what one would refer to as a wine enthusiast.  I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like and wanted to understand more, so I teamed up with Sonoma County Tourism to create a fun series of wine videos you can find here.

Something I have always known is that you can”t enjoy the wine, without opening the bottle.  Here are a few of my favorite wine openers to meet your needs in different situations.

The Classic Corkscrew

I finally mastered the basic wing corkscrew and it’s a great all-purpose opener.

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Wine on the Go Opener

Sometimes I want to enjoy wine when I am outdoors at a picnic or bbq. This opener is perfect for when you want to have wine on the go.

Order the Wine on the Go Opener on Amazon

Air Gets The Job Done

An air pressure pump is an amazingly simple bottle opener that easily gets the job done.

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Go Electric

Order this electronic wine opener on Amazon

Like I always say, the first step in drinking wine is to open the bottle. Let me know what opener you like the best!

The Travel Mom
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