Bar Necessities for Your Virtual Happy Hours

by TTM Editors
Between cocktail classes and virtual happy hours, I have discovered that I really have been lacking in some of the basic bar supplies I really need.  I did some digging and found some items that have made a big difference for me. The right glasses are key.  You can’t sip a martini from a tumbler and a Moscow mule the same when it is consumed from a beer glass.  Here are some of the most haves in glass ware to get your bar started. JoyJolt 4-Piece Afina Cocktail Glasses Set, Martini Glasses- 8-Ounces Order now on Amazon Libbey Vina Martini Glasses, Set of 6 Order now on Amazon Epure Firenze Collection 4 Piece Margarita Glass Set (Margarita Glass (10 oz)) Order now on Amazon Moscow Mule Copper Mugs with 4 Straws and Shot Glass Order now on Amazon Whiskey Glasses-Premium 11 OZ Scotch Glasses Set of 6 Order now on Amazon Shake, shake, shake – shake your shaker.  Whether you are making a martini or mixing a cocktail, it is important to have a great shaker.  I like this three-piece set because it comes with a measuring jigger and mixing spoon. Order now on Amazon Muddle through it. If you are combining fruits or herbs with other ingredients, you will want to gently mash them with a muddler.  I like both the stainless steel and wood versions. Order now on Amazon Order now on Amazon You can never go wrong with a full bar tools set.  I like this one because it has 14 pieces with things you might not even realize you use until you actually have one. Order now on Amazon

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