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Everything You Need to Know About Flying to Hawaii Right Now

Hawaii is HOT right now. Both with tropical weather and an increased demand in travel. With people getting their vaccinations and COVID restrictions starting to ease, everyone is ready to catch up on all of the vacations they missed in 2020.


Hawaii is the only state in the U.S that requires a negative COVID test upon arrival. A positive test or no test at all will require a mandatory quarantine. Unfortunately, due to the risk of people forging vaccination cards, a fully vaccinated traveler still needs to produce a Negative COVID test no more than 3 days before  departure. Be sure to get a test from one of the approved Hawaii Testing Partners:

Yes- the Hawaii government takes this very seriously and will check up on you to ensure you are indeed quarantining. If you are staying at hotels, the resorts will let you in the room but will not give you a key until your quarantine is complete or you receive your test results. 
Due to the limited health resources on the islands, the extra precautions are necessary as the state welcomes back their visitors. 

The rumor is in the next few weeks, fully vaccinated travelers will NOT have to take a COVID test before arrival. Stay tuned for more information as it comes available. 

Once you receive a negative test result, all travelers will apply for their individual QR code / Safe Travels Account from

This site is where you will create your “trip” (add your flight and hotel information) as well as the place to upload your test results. This QR code will need to be shown several times from your arrive to the island airports, reserving a rental car, hotel check in, and even group travel activities/tours.

If you are planning to do inter island island travel, you will need to go through this same process. Until the restrictions have eased, it is best to plan a trip to only one island per visit. 


When you arrive on the island you will have to be cleared by health workers.Consider booking on one of the few airlines that are enrolled in the Hawaii Pre Clear program which will let you bypass most of the long lines in this several step process.

Hawaiian, Alaska, Southwest, and United airlines are all part of this program and will save you plenty of time to get you on your vacation quicker! 

Before take off on the mainland, airlines will confirm your Safe Travels Profile and give you a wrist band that will let you skip the line. 


Once you’re through the final check your Hawaii vacation is underway. 

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