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What the Challenge Course at Miraval Resorts in Tucson and Austin Taught me about Confidence

I have been blessed by being able to visit Miraval Resorts in Tucson and Austin.  While each one has it’s own unique flavor, the founding principals of what they provide are the same. 

Miraval is committed to “meeting people where they are” when it comes to their wellness experience.  Some guests are brand new to the concept of mindfulness, self-care, and personal growth while others have been practicing these things for quite some time.  No matter where you are in these processes, you will find what you are looking for at Miraval.  

There is intention behind everything they do at Miraval.  Whether it is a yoga practice, outdoor challenge course, spa treatment, or equine therapy session, each and every activity is deliberately planned to provide the opportunity for each guest to participate with the opportunity to learn and grow from it.  For me, I truly enjoyed all that I did from the spa to cooking lessons to exercise classes however the most soulful things I did at both properties were the challenge courses.  Many times we discover that how we engage in activities is a metaphor for how we handle situations in our lives.  I was open to learning and growing and the challenge courses gave me some insight and understanding of how I move through life.  

I was handed an itinerary in Tucson that included something called Out On A Limb.  Without thinking much about what it could be, I grabbed my tennis shoes and enthusiastically headed out to the Challenge Course where I met my warm and wonderful guide.  He filled me in that I would be wearing a harness, scurrying up a telephone pole, making my way across a log suspended 25 feet in the air and then jump off once I got to the other side.  Once I was safely strapped into the equipment,  I proceeded to do exactly what he said. 

Without hesitation, I climbed the telephone pole and began inching my way across the log when it hit me.  “HOLY CRAP!  WHAT AM I DOING UP HERE AND HOW AM I GOING TO FIGURE THIS THING OUT”.  What a true aha moment for me!  Being open and able to observe myself showed me that this is exactly how I live my life.  I jump into things without having a real plan and figure it out as I go.  I don’t think this is a negative thing.  In fact, I really like this about myself.

My visit to Miraval Austin also provided a great opportunity to observe myself.  I joined a session of the Hill Country Challenge Course where we began with the guide asking us to hold back from our impulse to get in line in the place we always do.  Since I like to go first, I went at the end.  We climbed up a webbed net to the top where a ropes course awaited us.  Even though I knew that I had a harness and could not fall to the ground, I still felt so much fear about moving through the course.  I pushed myself to complete it and felt proud when I did so.  In our group, the people who were around me commented that I was so confident and didn’t seem afraid at all.  They pointed out I was making jokes and talking nonstop.  That is when another light bulb went off for me!  “I MAY BE TERRIFIED INSIDE HOWEVER, NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW THAT BECAUSE I TALK MY WAY THROUGH DIFFICULT SITUATIONS”.  The ability to see these things about myself has been incredibly helpful. 

Miraval definitely met me where I was and I am grateful for that.  I learned so much about myself by doing something out of my comfort zone and approaching it with intention.  They are opening a new resort in the Berkshires soon and I can’t wait to see what lesson is out there waiting for me to learn when it does.  

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