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4 Questions With Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Hunter Hayes

I had the pleasure of meeting Hunter Hayes at Social Media On The Sand at Beaches Turks and Caicos. We spent time together talking about some of his favorite places to travel. He is such a quality young man rooted in terrific values, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know him a bit. We took this pic right after he performed, and I got to hear him sing “Wanted” – pretty cool experience!  

Trave Mom: Did you travel much growing up?

Hunter Hayes: I actually traveled a lot growing up and mostly to play music. When I was 4, my parents and I started traveling on weekends with a band I would sit in with for a few songs. We traveled around Louisiana, Texas, and Florida mostly early on, but in later years, we traveled all over the US and Canada.

TM: Where were some of your family favorite places to visit? 

HH: I always loved the west coast in general. We had a festival we ended up playing several years in a row on Redondo Beach, and I remember loving California. As a family, we rarely went on vacations because traveling for music felt so much like a vacation (for me, that is… My parents probably feel differently as they did all the work and I just got to travel and make music). I was also always obsessed with big cities like New York City. 

TM: Do you have a place that is special to you? Why?

HH: Topanga, California. I’ve always loved being close to the ocean on the west coast, and for a long time, Malibu was a destination. The more time I’ve spent in these areas, the more I’ve fallen in love with Topanga. Being close enough to see the ocean and feel the ocean but also feel like your hours away from a big city is the best combination for my spirit, and my soul is at peace here. 

TM: When the time is right, and you feel ready to travel, where might you like to go?

HH: Well, I did my first cross country road trip this summer to get to California, and it was absolutely incredible. That said, I really want to return to the UK. I love working out there, and an extreme change of scenery would do me some good. I love the people there, love the general cold-ness, and the architecture is so cool to me. Looking forward to my next international trip.

Check out Hunter Hayes’ new single “THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY,” available now on all streaming services.

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