5 Questions with Beauty, Baking and Lifestyle Vlogger April Athena

The Travel Mom: Do you remember traveling anywhere in particular when you were younger?  What makes it memorable to you?

April Athena: I was born in the Philippines and the first time I ever traveled was when I moved from the Philippines to California when I was two years old.  My parents didn’t have the finances to travel often, but when we did, it was to visit family members in the Philippines.  I didn’t really get into traveling until I met my husband, Justin.  He had a job that involved some traveling and he took me to Okinawa, Japan and that’s when the travel bug got me.  I love everything about traveling from food, culture, history, and did I say food?  I swear I travel for food!  LOL!  

The Travel Mom: Have you visited any place with your children you recommend?  What makes it a splendid choice for families?

April Athena: Oh my gosh, we have traveled so much with our children!  My oldest son Liam who is six has probably been on a plane at least 60 times and my youngest Jakey has been on over 20 flights!  

My favorite family vacation we’ve ever gone to was the Nickelodeon Resorts in Punta Cana!  We got to go as a work trip/vacation thanks to Alliance Connection shout out to Bob and Lyssa!  The food, the hospitality, amenities absolutely everything was incredible!  It’s such a family-friendly resort and the kids had a blast meeting Spongebob and all the Nickelodeon characters.

My older son asked me for his 6th birthday if we could go back and I was like little guy one day when it’s safe to go back you better believe we’re going back and maybe next time with the grandparents too!  

Our other favorite is Kauai, Hawaii!  Justin and I discovered Kaui, Hawaii in 2009 when Justin went for a work trip and brought me with him.  It was so beautiful we went back last year with our boys and grandparents and we had a blast!  We got a beautiful Airbnb and enjoyed all the delicious shaved ice, loco mocos, and macadamia nut ice cream!  

The Travel Mom: When is the last time you took a grown-ups getaway Where did you go?

April Athena: I get goosebumps just thinking of my last trip with just Justin!  We went to Turks & Caicos Beaches Resort where we met you, Emily, for Social Media on the Sand!  I was a speaker for a YouTube panel and I will never forget that experience- so much fun, food, and belly laughs!

Parasailing, pool days, karaoke night oh my gosh every second was the BEST!  I still can’t believe I got to go to Turk’s & Caicos! To this day Justin, my husband and I talk about Turks & Caicos and how we need to go back one day!  I met so many amazing friends and I’m grateful for Alliance Connection again for this opportunity! Travel is my happy place for sure! Justin and I are celebrating our nine-year wedding anniversary on August 7, 2020, and we usually love to celebrate by traveling, this time around we got a beautiful Airbnb by the beach and will enjoy a social distancing staycation together!

The Travel Mom: When the time is right and travel is back to normal, where would you like to go?

April Athena: Our family has been enjoying staycations lately!  We go on Airbnb and filter out houses with pools and hot tubs and have had a great time away from home.  When it’s safe to travel, we plan to visit Italy, Greece, Hawaii because those trips were cancelled recently.  Also, next year Justin and I are planning a trip to go back to Bora Bora for our ten-year wedding anniversary.

The Travel Mom: People are always asking you for travel tips. What’s been the most popular lately?

April Athena: Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. One of the most popular tips is fo parents – always pack an extra change of clothes for yourself and your kids in your carry-on!  I learned the hard way that your kids might get messy, but your child can also vomit on YOU so you’re going to need a change of clothes too! Just be prepared, lol!  Also if you’re traveling with kids always always always have snacks for your kids and yourself cause nobody wants hangry kids or parents that’s tough!  LOL!  Enjoy!  Thanks so much Emily!  So grateful to have met you and I hope to see you soon!

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