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The Travel Mom Was Born to Travel

Her dreams of experiencing far-away places and global cultures have taken her around the world as she turned her passion into her profession.

Emily set out to share her travel tips and deals with top travel brands and began The Travel Mom. As her children grew and evolved, so did her business. Today, The Travel Mom is a thriving source for travel content and Emily is a trusted on-air personality.

Emily has earned her reputation as a leading leisure travel correspondent and a trusted subject-matter expert on television, in print and as a content provider. Viewers have described her as the “ultimate travel insider who is willing to share information that makes it easier for the REST of us.”

“Americans still do not take the majority of their vacation days,” says Emily, “I believe that my doing the legwork for them makes it easier for them to say yes to discovering the world. If everyone took a vacation each year, we would all have less stress and enjoy life a little bit more.”

Emily’s family adventures have been well-documented from skydiving in California to canoeing in the Caribbean and everywhere in between. Her girlfriend-nature and straight-talk about travel invite viewers to experience the world with her as she paves the way for your next vacation.

Partner With The Travel Mom

Over the past 20 years, Emily Kaufman, known as The Travel Mom, has built a loyal and engaged community of travel enthusiasts, who watch her on national and local TV, and online every week for the latest travel news, tips, and giveaways. Emily engages the community offline as well through experiential events, including The Travel Mom Weekend Getaways. The Travel Mom is a 360-degree media brand that touches TV, digital, and experiential all in one.

Branded Content Series
The Travel Mom works with hotels, destinations, theme parks, wineries, and other brands to develop original branded content series. Most recently, The Travel Mom hosted and produced the Wine, Two, Three Series with Sonoma Country Tourism.

Social Media Campaigns
The Travel Mom works with brands to develop original social media series and campaigns to promote travel, products, and more.

Co-Op Satellite Media Tours
The Travel Mom participates in co-op satellite media tours and works for single clients for stand-alone SMTs.

Radio Tours
Emily also does radio tours and is available to help craft multi-platform programs.

Live In Market Appearances
Emily makes live in market appearances on major television stations that are booked and produced in house by The Travel Mom.

Keynote Speaking
The Travel Mom is a sought after speaker at industry events, CVB conferences, and moderates panels about social media, travel marketing, and more.

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