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Mindful Travel: How Your Vacation to the Atlantis Can Save Sea Species and Their Habitats in the Bahamas

The Travel Mom takes us on a journey to learn more about the efforts to maintain the beauty and health of the vast marine life and extraordinary habitats throughout The Bahamas and surrounding Caribbean seas.

Mindful Travel with The Travel Mom

Dive in, swim through, reach out and celebrate marine life at the Atlantis Bahamas

Surrounded by crystal clear water and white sand beaches, this lush, legendary, and one-of-a-kind resort not only redefines what it means to vacation but reinvests to make your vacation, and the vacations of others, last a lifetime.

Every Atlantis Adventure and Blue Adventure experience you book, helps support the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation, creating and promoting solutions for a wide range of marine conservation challenges from coral reef degradation to marine species in decline.

I had the opportunity to spend time with Michelle Liu, Senior Vice President of Marine and Water Park Operations to learn how scientists and the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation (ABPF) are working to conserve the world’s coral reefs. 

By funding scientific research, conservation programs, and community outreach efforts, its mission is to protect the waters and its vast marine wildlife ensuring that The Bahamas will remain a haven for a myriad of one-of-a-kind, rare and endangered species for generations to come.

So far, the work done through the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation has helped to increase marine park boundaries on the west side of Andros from 185,000 acres to 1.4 million acres, creating a large protected area for many native Bahamian species. Coral reef areas are being replenished, and numerous marine animals have been rescued and rehabilitated around The Bahamas, including manatees, sea turtles, and sharks.

Learn more about The Atlantis Blue Project Foundation

Learn more about The Atlantis Blue Project Foundation and the interesting work they’re supporting!

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