Travel Safety in the Time of COVID-19: New CDC Guidelines

One of my favorite things to do is travel internationally.  I love visiting new places, experiencing local culture, meeting interesting people, trying food and drink from each area, and learning about the destinations.  I am hopeful that when the time is right and effective travel safety protocols are in place, I will be able to get back to traveling frequently. 

In the meantime, I was very curious about what it is like to visit another country with the new CDC guidelines and travel safety rules that are necessary before flying back to the United States. I took a trip to The Bahamas in order to experience the process and share what it was like.

The Bahamas has strict COVID travel safety protocols in place for travelers coming into the country.  You must apply for a Bahamas Travel Health Visa prior to your departure and provide a negative COVID PCR test taken no earlier than five days prior to your arrival.  At the airport check-in counter, you will be required to show both your approved Health Visa and negative COVID test.

Getting COVID tested! It was quick and easy.

I was staying at The Atlantis and they provide testing on the property for their guests.  I chose to do my test at the resort and I was delighted by how easy and efficient it was.  An appointment was scheduled the day before my departure and the staff assured me that the results would be available within two hours of doing the test. 

The environment was clean and the health care workers were very professional.  I felt very safe about taking the test and confident in their system.  My test came back negative and I showed the results at the airport ticket counter to check-in.

 In addition to the testing facility at The Atlantis, there was a COVID test station available for passengers that needed to take a test at the airport.  I was anxious to see how the process worked in order to return back to the United States, but the testing line was short and the process seemed to be working well.  Reading about the travel safety rules and protocols caused me to think this was going to be a complicated task.  I was so pleasantly surprised my experience traveling during COVID was just the opposite.

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