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Visit Redding, CA to Experience Nature and Relax

I have always loved exploring the great outdoors. I recently visited Redding, which is the hub city of the Shasta Cascade region. It is a great home base for all of the adventures throughout Upstate California. Whether you are looking for rivers, lakes, waterfalls, caverns, hiking, or just simple R&R, this is a destination with so much to choose from.

There are nearly 50 waterfalls within an hour’s drive from Downtown Redding. Many visitors enjoy spending an entire day driving around to visit them I have two favorites; Burney Falls with majestic falls located in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park and McCloud Falls. There is a hiking trail with three beautiful waterfalls that wind through a canyon of basalt lava rocks. The middle falls is a great place to picnic and watch daredevils jump from the rocks.

A great way to spend a day is a visit to Lake Shasta Caverns. This national natural landmark combines a boat ride across Shasta Lake, a fun scenic bus ride to the cave entrance, and a super cool tour of one of the most beautiful limestone caves in the USA. The views from the cave exit are spectacular and wildlife spottings are common. I even saw a bat inside the cave!

Redding provides a lot of fun places to visit including the glass decked, Sundial Suspension Bridge. It spans 710 feet across and is one of the world’s largest working sundials. Adjacent to the bridge is Turtle Bay Exploration Park that is spread out over 300 acres along the banks of the Sacramento River with fun play areas for kids, wildlife experiences, and a live show with animals from the region. Here is a little tip – we loved the restaurant Mosaic located right by both of them. Perfect place for a specialty drink at sunset.

There are numerous recreation areas to have fun in. I loved Whiskeytown Lake. The sand beaches and perfect water temperature made it an ideal place for me to unwind. Lassen Park is home to geothermal wonders and is the only place on Earth to feature all four types of volcanoes. There are lakes, falls, and great picnic spots throughout Lassen.

Redding, the Shasta Cascade, and Upstate California is an area the exceeded my expectations. It is the perfect spot to spend a few days disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature.

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