Make Camping Fun With These Affordable Glamping Items

Take your RV Trip to another level with amazing RV must have gadgets that will transform an okay night into an amazing family and friends outdoor night out! Imagen gathering around a dimly-lit fire at the campsite enjoying four favorite family movies or a terror classic film in the middle of the woods. RV family and friends travel is all about enjoying every single adventure. Overcoming not having the comfort of our own home can be challenging, but we can always push our RV travel trips a step ahead.  Bringing  with us portable but yet amazing RV electric gadgets to our trips will make the outdoors feel just like home.

Dimmable LED Outdoor String Lights

To begin any “glamping” trip, make sure to set the mood with the right lighting. Banord vintage ambiance dimmable outdoor lights are perfect for the occasion. The LED string lights bulbs are made out of plastic, making them more durable and less hazardous. The bulbs help conserve energy, are waterproof and weather resistant. 

A Portable Projector

This mini projector provides 40 percent more brightness than an ordinary projector. With an amazing contrast is ideal for video projection. It can be connected to any smart phone and almost any game console, making it easy to project any already downloaded or streaming videos. It is equipped with a noise reducing and cooling system, preventing disturbing noise while projecting and from overheating. Keep it protected in its already included case and take it anywhere with you. 

An Outdoor Projector Screen

Hallie H / Amazon

The portable projector screen brings the outdoor theater experience to your RV trip. Lightweight and foldable, it takes up a minimal amount of space in your vehicle. It’s the perfect size screen for an outdoor movie night!

An Outdoor Rug

Outdoor camping rugs are smart and handy to have when RV camping. They provide a cleaner and more comfortable environment for picnicking, lounging, and laying down and watching the stars! environment for your family and friends.These mats help reduce the dirt on your gear and out of your RV. They also provide a home touch and anyone can just lay down and relax under the night sky. 

Outdoor Camping Tent Canopy

Tired of being eaten alive by mosquitoes? The Alvantor Screen House is a Light Gazebo that pops up automatically, cutting down any required assembly time. It is easy to fold and light enough to carry around to any campground for late-night drinks and afternoon barbecues. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and may receive a small commission for the promotion of these items hand-picked by our team

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