10 RV Camping FAQs With The Travel Mom

What does RV stand for? 

RV stands for “recreational vehicle”- an RV is a vehicle or trailer that includes accommodations designed for living and sleeping. The word “RV” is inclusive of many types of vehicles, including motorhomes, camper vans, pop-up campers, and travel trailers.

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Are RV sales up?

Throughout the pandemic, RV sales have skyrocketed. Traveling in an RV is a safe way to avoid airplanes, hotels, and any other locations that might hotspots for the COVID-19 virus. According to the RV Industry Association, sales of recreational vehicles are up 11% since 2019.

Are RV Parks safe?

RV-related crimes are especially low in temporary or short-term RV parks. Booking through trusted sites such as SUN RV and reading online reviews will ensure that the RV park you choose is safe for your family vacation.

when will rv prices drop, how do rv showers work, where can RVs park, how do RV toilets work, what does RV stand for, which RV is easiest to drive,

Are RV parks open in California?

Many RV Parks in California are open. State parks and national parks are largely open to campers, and privately owned campgrounds are mostly open.

Where can RVs park? 

Across the country, national and state parks are generally open to RV travelers. If you’re looking for a more inclusive stay, there are RV resorts and locations where you can park your vehicle. In a pinch, locations such as casinos, Walmarts, Costcos, and other businesses may let you park overnight. These policies vary by location, so research RV stops along your route ahead of time. Wherever you park, be courteous of others and leave no trace.

Which RV is easiest to drive? 

Class B Motorhomes are generally the easiest for new RV’ers to drive, since they are the smallest in size. Drivers of mini-vans or trucks are likely to be comfortable driving a Class B vehicle.

When will RV prices drop?

As RVs have increased in popularity, the prices have risen as well. If you’re not willing to wait until after the summer rush to buy an RV, it’s probably best to rent one for a much lower price.

How do RV showers work?

In large RVs that are equipped with showers, your vehicle will have a freshwater tank that can hold a limited quantity of water. When not hooked up to an external water source, it’s best to take short showers to preserve this small amount of clean water! RVs can also be connected to a campground’s freshwater supply hookup, which allows travelers to take longer showers.

How do RV toilets work? 

Whether you’re hooked up to a campsite or dry camping, you’ll need to push down the pedal at the front of the toilet with your foot to ensure that the bowl is at least half-full. To flush, push the pedal down with your foot and hold until the bowl has emptied.

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