3 Overlooked Ways to Find and Book Post Pandemic Travel Deals for Summer

From coast to coast, America’s bursting with excitement as the pent-up wanderlust adds to the already sultry heat of what will be a sizzling summer of travel, in part because we all have to learn the basics again in different ways.

Whether your planning a wine country weekend in Napa, renting an RV for an extended road trip, recharging and relaxing at a wellness resort, setting sail on a new cruise route, or traveling across the country in the air, the enthusiasm and excitement to spend time with friends or reunite with family is rejuvenating for all. With all the demand instantly turned back on, some people are finding it challenging to find a great deal like before. It’s taking more time, it’s more complex, and the rules are changing daily.

If you’re still looking for travel deals for your summer vacation getaway, here are three ways to get the most bang for your travel buck as you search and make plans.

1. Check-in at Big Boxes

Big Box stores like Costco are not just for buying large quantities of paper towels or finding a good price on electronics. They also have terrific travel packages for their members who can earn an annual 2% reward and get 3% cash back rewards on Costco Travel with the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi. Check out their selection of the world’s top destinations, hotels, cruises, and other travel products, which are often discounted.

2. Tap the Apps Last Minute 

Travel apps are your new best friend when looking for travel deals, but especially when making last-minute travel bookings. There is a trend to make plans closer to travel dates so many of the booking apps have created platforms that provide deals on last-minute hotel deals.

Look at booking.com, hotel tonight, and Hopper, whose latest report confirms that booking your hotel last minute might just result in the most savings if you’re heading to a big city. Hopper is seeing nightly hotel prices in big cities fall 13% on average in the final two weeks leading up to your check-in date. And you can now price freeze your hotel booking. The new option launched in June allows travelers to freeze a hotel’s listed rate for up to 60 days. Travelers who “freeze” a rate are protected if the rate increases (up to $100 of any increase) and benefit from any rate decrease. 

3. The Return of Human to Human Travel: Travel Agents 
In this age of everyone booking their own travel online, keep in mind what amazing resource travel agents are. They have insider information about promotions, special offers, and added value incentives. AAA and American Express have travel agents in house so you may be able to take advantage of those memberships and stretch your travel dollar even further.

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