Keep Calm and Try Timeshare Rentals for Your Next Family Vacation

When it’s time to book your family vacation with extended family, it can be hard to find hotel rooms that are all together. Add that hassle to the cost, and it could end up being anything but a great vacation. That’s why many families opt for timeshare rentals. They can split the cost and even get a better place to stay many times.

If you’re not sure if timeshare rentals are right for your next family trip, check out the benefits as well as some pitfalls to avoid.

Benefits of Timeshare Rentals

If you’ve never taken advantage of a timeshare rental, you may not be aware of some of the ways it can make your trip even better.

It’s all about the amenities. When you rent a hotel room, you may have a mini-fridge and small microwave, but you’re not going to have a full kitchen. When you have a timeshare rental, you’ll have a kitchen where you can cook meals if you wish. If you’re traveling with a large group this can be helpful because it can get expensive and difficult to snag reservations when you have a lot of people. If you can cook some meals at home you can save money and have the luxury of dining as you wish.

On the topic of amenities, many timeshare rentals have their own pool or one that is shared with a small group of people versus an entire hotel. If you have small kids this can be helpful because it makes it easier to watch your kids in the pool. Also, it can be nice to have your own private or semi-private space compared to a big community pool.

Timeshare rentals can be cost-effective. Many times hotel rooms can be expensive if you’re traveling during peak times. If you split the cost of a timeshare rental, it could cost much less. Consider this and the fact that you’ll have more living space and timeshare rentals can have more to offer than your average hotel.

You can enjoy the open space. If you want to sit outside and grill, you can look for a timeshare rental that has an open space or yard. This is also great if you have kids. Giving them space to run around, that’s not in the house, is always a good idea. If several kids are coming along, they can all play together while the adults just hang out outside.

You’ll also have more space inside as timeshare rentals are just like homes with living and dining rooms.

Keep the family together easier. Whether you’re planning a family reunion or a vacation with extended family, renting a timeshare makes it easier to keep everyone together for activities. There is also something fun about hanging out with a large group of people when you’re on vacation. While you can still do this in a hotel, at some point everyone goes their separate ways. When you’re sharing a rental, you can still go to your room, but you can also hang out with everyone.

Timeshare Rental Pitfalls to Avoid

While there are several benefits of timeshare rentals, there are some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid. 

With timeshare rentals, you’ll likely only have access to unused weeks from the owner. This could put a wrench in your plans if you are limited to when you can vacation. Also, you’ll likely have to book in week segments. So, if you were looking for a long weekend or just a few days, you may be out of luck.

Check for fees. While the week rental could be cheap, there could be fees like an all-inclusive fee that is charged per person. This can increase the price greatly. Be sure to ask about fees upfront and always read the fine print.

Beware of the timeshare presentation. If you just want to rent a timeshare you shouldn’t have to sit through a lengthy presentation of sales pitches. You should be able to just get the info you need for the rental and move on. If you get sucked into a presentation and then at the end discover you can’t rent the space, it will be a big waste of your time.

Make sure you’re on the same page with your terms. Some places may refer to a studio-style timeshare as a one-bedroom or may consider a kitchenette a full-sized kitchen. Be specific when you’re renting so you know exactly what you’re getting minus any unwanted surprises when you arrive.

Remember when you choose a timeshare rental, you’re responsible for picking up after yourself. So, if you like the bed made every day, that’s going to be all on you (just like at home). If you like to have people do things for you, then a hotel stay may be better suited for you.

The next time you’re planning a family vacation, take a closer look at timeshare rentals to see if they would make your trip more enjoyable. Besides the economical factor, you may enjoy having everyone together in one space for a memorable family trip.

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