The Travel Mom on Why You Need to Give E-Bikes a Try

I have been hearing about E-Bikes for a little while now.  As someone who enjoys getting out and exploring, I wanted to see what all the excitement is about first hand.  I learned from Expert Active through their relationship with The Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point and spent a morning getting to experience an E-Bike tour and it did not disappoint.

Danny Brown, the owner of Expert Active, met me with an E-Bike at the beach at Monarch Beach.  After a lesson in the parking lot and making sure I was comfortable operating the bike, we headed out to explore the area.  The E-Bike gives “assistance” after a few pedal strokes.  The extra zip makes it possible to cover more ground, tackle inclines, and ride at a faster pace than a standard bike.  

We left the Monarch Beach Resort property and proceeded along a trail that runs parallel to the beach.  I had no idea there were so many public beaches in the area and was thrilled to discover them!  The E-Bikes are quite nimble so we could move through switchbacks, hills, and streets.  It felt effortless!  Danny grew up in the area and is incredibly knowledgeable about the history of Orange County.  Our tour included stops at numerous lookout points, an overview of the Dana Point Harbor, cruising through beautiful neighborhoods all while learning so much. I could not believe how far we traveled and how much we were able to see in just a few hours.  I loved my E-Bike experience with Expert Active and look forward to doing another one with my family.

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