Thinking About Going Camping During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Normally the summer travel season is in full swing.  However, as we know, there is a whole new normal.  With the pandemic affecting everyone’s vacation plans, many people have turned to camping as a great way to get away.  Here are a few important things to know about planning a successful outdoor adventure.

You can’t just show up and pitch a tent at a campground.  Reservations are required for national parks, state parks, and independently owned camping areas. 

You can learn about how to make a reservation at and it might be a good idea to purchase an annual pass from them if you plan to camp multiple times. 

Each state has a different website so make sure you look up your individual state.  For example, in California, it is  

Check with the campground to see what facilities are open and operating.  There are modifications in place to keep visitors safe.  Check to see if restrooms, showers, and food services are available. Also, ask if there are limits to the number of people and tents at each site.

They design hotels and resorts for all different travel experiences and they vary according to budget.  Glamping has become increasingly popular while many people are renting RVs for the first time. 

The site is a terrific resource to read about locations with reviews from campers who have visited.

The great outdoors is a terrific way to have a vacation experience while being mindful of our current situation.  Whether you go all out with a camping trip or explore a park for the day, getting outside is a welcome trip.

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