Top 5 Spots for Women Traveling Together

Traveling with the family is great, but there are times when you just want to travel without having to pack crayons, diapers, or hear “are we there yet?” five million times. We’re talking about a girls’ trip of similarly minded women. When it comes to women traveling together, your destinations may be a little different than if you were toting the family along. 

Five Spots That Are a Must-see For Women Traveling Together:

Relaxation and drinks with pink umbrellas suddenly take priority over kid’s menus and splash pads. Think of somewhere beautiful in the United States or tropical such as Cabo San Lucas where you would love to bring your group of friends. There is safety in numbers, bringing along your travel group is much safer than embarking on solo female travel.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

You had me at islands! Crystal clear water and white sand may be just what you need for a little trip minus the family. Grand Cayman is home to many oceanfront hotels and resorts and also has villas and apartments for rent. You can’t go wrong with either choice. 

If you have many women traveling together, renting an apartment or even a villa could be more economical than several hotel rooms. Plus, staying in a villa sounds amazing!

Grand Cayman offers everything from breathtaking beach days to relaxing spa days and snorkeling. Many resorts also offer beach yoga classes with amazing views. However, you spend your days, end them with dinner at one of the beachfront restaurants on the island. Since you don’t have to worry about a babysitter, check out one of Grand Cayman’s fun nightlife hotspots. 

Newport Beach, California

Shopping, sand, and fun…Newport Beach is the perfect mix of everything a trip for women traveling together should have. You can enjoy a day at the beach, spa treatments, and fine dining as you take in the beautiful scenery California has to offer. Since you’re right on the beach, you can also rent a bike or try standup paddleboarding! Your kids would be super impressed that you tried the “SUP”.

Don’t forget shopping in Newport Beach. There are plenty of luxury shops as well as high-end consignment boutique shops. There is no shortage of stores in Newport Beach! 

Since Newport Beach is just about 40 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, you could always take a drive down for the day and check out the sights L.A. has to offer too. The possibilities are endless! 

New York, New York

Take on the Big Apple with your mom squad as you explore all New York City has to offer. New York City can be a great weekend getaway if you don’t have the time to get a longer vacation. Perfect for a mom’s only birthday getaway. But, you’ll have to map out your visit because there is a lot to do and see.

A trip to iconic spots like Times Square and Rockefeller Center needs to be on your list. You may also want to take the ferry over to see the Statue of Liberty. Depending on when you visit, the lines could be long, so plan accordingly.

Don’t worry if you weren’t lucky enough to score Broadway tickets before your stay. You can try your luck at the TKTS Booth in Times Square where same-day discount tickets to Broadway shows are available. Sometimes you can score some great deals.

When you’re done sightseeing for the day, choose from a variety of restaurant options depending on the type of cuisine you’re craving. When it comes to accommodations, New York City is not shy of hotels. There are luxury spots as well as some that are more economical.

New Orleans, Louisiana

It doesn’t have to be Mardi Gras time to enjoy a trip to New Orleans. There’s always something to do and eat in The Big Easy. Bourbon Street is lined with restaurants and bars where you can sit and relax with your friends. Live music is also just about everywhere in New Orleans. 

Don’t forget to visit the South Market District to satisfy your shopping craving. There are many one-of-a-kind shops where you can find antiques, art, and fun souvenirs. You can also take a streetcar ride down St. Charles Avenue to see some extravagant mansions. New Orleans is perfect for women traveling together.

Since you are traveling minus the kids, you’ll want to take advantage of New Orleans’ nightlife scene. You’ll never be bored with plenty of music, dancing, and stage shows. If you want to avoid extreme crowds, you may not want to visit during Mardi Gras time unless that’s the experience you’re looking for during your trip.

Sedona, Arizona

If you’re looking to unplug and find the Zen that seems to be colored in crayon these days, then a trip to Sedona, Arizona could be on your agenda. Sedona has many relaxation meccas like The Sedona Soul Spa and the McClean Meditation Institute. These are great spots to rejuvenate and enjoy the stillness and beauty that the area has to offer.

There are also some adventures to explore in Sedona like the Broken Arrow Jeep Tour. This takes you on an off-road trip through red rock canyon. You can also take a hike through Oak Creek Canyon. There are so many spots to take in nature here that you won’t be disappointed.

Sedona has many hotels, motels, and cabins to choose from when it comes to accommodations. It depends on the experience you’re looking for during your stay. There are also plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. You may even want to add a trip to a Sedona winery to your itinerary, perfect for women traveling together.

If you plan on traveling anytime soon, be sure to do your homework to see what your destination’s rules are due to the pandemic. You don’t want to have extravagant plans only to learn that you’re going to be limited as to what you can do with your small group of friends. Remember, you can always save and plan now for an amazing trip later. Happy Travels!

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