The Travel Mom Launches “Travel Talk” Interview Show to Support Virtual Tourism

Emily Kaufman, known to television viewers in the US as The Travel Mom, launched “Travel Talk,” a new digital interview series featuring celebrities sharing their favorite travel stories and destinations and hotels, wineries, restaurants, resorts and more showcasing ways that travel enthusiasts can experience their services and destinations at home.

“My goal has always been to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to have new experiences through travel and I want to keep doing that now since none of us can travel due to COVID-19. I’m working with so many great destinations, theme parks, hotels, resorts, to bring them into the home of my viewers, while also featuring one-to-one interviews with celebrities who are sharing their personal travel stories. When the time is right, we will travel again and more than ever, so I’m excited to help play a part in getting viewers to learn about new destinations and thinking about travel in a fun and entertaining way.”

The Travel Mom is a travel journalist, who can be seen on national shows like Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, The Steve Lopez Show, CNN, and local news stations throughout the US sharing travel advice, news, and giving away trips.