Three Things I Learned From The Autistic Traveler, Stephen Gaiber

When I first met Stephen Gaiber, he was a teenager attending high school with my children. Stephen visits places all around the world and shares his experiences through his blog The Autistic Traveler.

I am excited to share some of the things I learned from talking with him.

  1. Follow Your Passion
    When you lead with passion, your story is exciting. Stephen is committed to encouraging people to have new experiences through travel which is something I do as well. His blog is authentic and first-person narratives about his adventures.

  2. Embrace Travel, Don’t Fear It
    Many people are intimidated by travel. Stephen believes that it is not something to be afraid of. He has met so many people all around the world and learned about different places by traveling.

  3. Traveling Solo Can Be Great
    If there is someplace he wants to visit, Stephen goes. Traveling by yourself allows the opportunity to create an experience custom made for exactly what you want.

Check out Stephen’s blog “The Autistic Traveler”

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