Travel Talk with Kristie Goshow, Chief Marketing Officer, Preferred Hotels and Resorts

I first became aware of Preferred Hotels and Resorts several years ago when I was invited to speak at their annual conference about how to present your hotel to the media.

I fell in love with this company because the hotels, resorts and residences that participate are all vetted to ensure that the guest experience at each and every one of them will be outstanding.

There are more than 750 properties in 85 countries with Preferred Hotels and Resorts. Every property in their portfolio maintains the high-quality standards and unparalleled service levels required in order to be a member. Most everywhere you want to go, there will be a great location. The “I Prefer” loyalty program is quite unique. There is no cost to join and members get all kinds of benefits that include free internet, a welcome amenity, room upgrades, early check in, late check out and more.

One of the many things I love about this is you can use your points towards hotel stays or expenditures while you are at any one of their more than 700 participating properties all over the world.

I have been fortunate to stay at a number of Preferred Hotels and Resorts properties over the years in places like Arizona, Florida, California, Nevada and New York. Each one of those experiences was relaxing, enjoyable and exceeded expectations.

The Travel Mom
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