6 Things To Do in Nashville with Kids

When you think about Nashville, country music probably comes to mind. After all, Nashville may be best known as home to the Grand Ole Opry. Since this falls more under the adult attraction category, what about the kids? Don’t worry. There are fun things to do in Nashville with kids if you’re thinking about taking a trip to “Music City.” Let’s take a look at six exciting things for them to do during your visit.

Country Music Hall of Fame

You may not think kids would be into the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, but there are plenty of kid-friendly exhibits. There’s the Taylor Swift Education Center, where kids listen to how musicians write a song, sing a melody, and show them how artists write songs.

There’s also a kids’ scavenger hunt that they can play as they walk around the music. This will keep them interested while introducing them to many new artists. As they walk around, they can also enjoy the interactive exhibits that will keep them busy. While they may not be familiar with much of the music, hearing it and taking part in the exhibits can be fun. There’s also a coloring station when the kids just need some downtime.

Nashville Zoo

You can never go wrong with taking your child to the zoo. Kids love animals, especially ones they can’t see all the time. The Nashville Zoo has plenty of animals to see as well as hands-on exhibits. Zebras, alligators, hogs, lemurs, and leopards are just a few of the animals at the zoo.

There are also some hands-on exhibits like the shell station, critter encounters, and kangaroo kickabout to keep kids busy. Don’t forget to take a ride on the Wilderness Express Train and Wild Animal Carousel. There’s also a jungle gym for kids to run around and play. Plan to spend the entire day here because there’s plenty to see and do with the kids.

Wave Country

If you’re visiting Nashville during the summer or warmer months, the kids will enjoy a trip to Wave Country. Wave Country is like giving a swimming pool a shot of espresso! With wave-action swimming pools throughout the park, kids can ride the waves for hours of fun. There are also speed slides and water flumes.

The little ones who may not meet the height requirements for some of the attractions can play in the kiddie pool. The kiddie pool has water dropping fun and a small play area. When the mercury heats up in Nashville, plan a visit to Wave Country with the kids to cool down.

Adventure Science Center

The Adventure Science Center can also be a fun day trip when you’re visiting Nashville with kids. There are many exhibits and interactive stations for kids to explore. The Interactive Media exhibit lets kids dance and play arcade games in an augmented virtual reality setting. Kids can also learn how thermal photography works in an exhibit that tracks their movements using heat-sensing cameras.

The Soundbox is also a fun exhibit at the science center. Here kids can explore music with lights and different sounds. Other exhibits include an up-close look at the human body as well as learning how earthquakes happen and even how a tsunami occurs. The cool thing about the Adventure Science Center is that it makes learning about science a hands-on experience that will keep kids engaged.

 Tennessee Central Railway Museum

All aboard at the Tennessee Central Railway Museum! Here kids can ride historic passenger trains where there’s always something exciting going on. There can be music, on-board entertainment, and seasonal visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny.

There are also some cool passenger cars, freight cars, and locomotives to check out at the museum. Since many kids are into trains, this could be one of the fun things to do in Nashville with kids. If you visit on a Saturday you may catch some volunteers working on some of the equipment to maintain or restore it. Call ahead to check the train schedule and to see the hours of operation since they could vary.

Madame Tussauds Nashville

If you’ve ever visited Madame Tussauds, you know that the wax replicas of famous celebrities look like the real deal. Take a picture with Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Bruce Springsteen, or several other celebrities. Kids will get a kick out of seeing their favorite celebrities in wax. Alvin and the Chipmunks are even displayed as a waxy replica of themselves.

Madame Tussauds is a fun stop during your trip to Nashville because there’s something (or someone) for every age group to enjoy. Think of all the photo ops your kids can have and show off when they get home. People will think you took a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, not a wax museum.

Keep these activities in mind the next time you’re planning a trip to Nashville. There’s always something fun going in Nashville, especially for the kids!

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