No Vacation? No Problem! How Coding for Kids Can Help

Over the past few months, many families have had to cancel their vacations or postpone them, leaving kids feeling a little bummed. As you try to find activities to help them pass the time as they wait for their next big trip, try coding. Coding for kids is a fun skill that can turn into a hobby and for some, even a career when they get older.

Here’s a fun fact…coding is becoming the most in-demand skill in a variety of industries. Who knows, they could build a bright future in computer programing or computer science. Why not give your kids a head start?

Benefits of Kids Learning to Code

Let’s check out some cool things that can happen as your kids learn the basics of coding. There are even some programs that make coding fun.

Resilience Builder

When kids are learning to code they need to be resilient. Coding students can learn that the first way they attempt to do something may not always work. If they quit, they’ll never see the end result.

Instead, they need to learn how to keep going. Teaching kids different ways of doing things. This way, kids build resilience and perseverance. If they just quit, they’ll never learn what it feels like to succeed.

Working Together

Although coding itself can be something kids do on their own, they also learn how to bounce ideas off of one another when there are other kids in their classes. Virtual coding classes have become more popular these days as kids spend more time at home. An online course that teaches kids to code can be both educational and fun.

In these classes, they can not only learn from instructors but from other kids in the class. Sometimes other kids have great ideas on how to improve projects or help their peers get over some learning curves. They can sometimes explain it in a better way for other kids to understand.

Coding Helps Kids Understand Things Around Them

Many kids are no stranger to smartphones and apps. But, they may not know what makes them tick. Learning to code can give them a better understanding of how these things work. After a few lessons, they can probably teach you a thing or two!

Creativity Boost

As kids learn how apps and technology work, their brains may start thinking about how they can create their own apps and games. Once they start brainstorming, the sky’s the limit! Their minds can start thinking to create anything they want. All this from basic coding concepts and learning programing language.


With coding for kids, they start to learn how to break things down. This type of logical thinking helps with any type of problem-solving in life. While it may begin in a coding class, it will last anywhere they go and in all types of situations.

Coding Programs for Kids

When you start to consider all of the benefits of coding for kids, you’re going to want to start exploring all of the programs out there. It’s important to find age-appropriate ones. This way, younger kids aren’t overwhelmed and older kids aren’t bored by programs that are too easy. This ensures everyone has an excellent coding experience.

Elementary School

Here are a couple of websites to check out if you’re looking for coding programs for the elementary school crowd.


This free online program is recommended for kids ages 8 and up. It teaches some basic JavaScript and programming skills. It works on the idea of doing a puzzle to code which makes it easy for kids to understand when they’re starting out. It’s a good starter program where they can eventually work up to harder ideas.

Code Monkey

Recommended for kids ages 9 and up, Code Monkey uses fun online games to teach coding. The program uses a monkey gathering bananas to help kids write code. By the end, they learn enough code to make their own game. There is an annual subscription fee for this program.

Middle School

Here are some programs for kids in middle school, typically ages 11-13.

App Inventor

App Inventor is a free program recommended for kids ages 13 and older. This site uses video tutorials and courses in a box to teach coding. Kids learn how to build mobile apps and share them.

Code Monster

Code Monster is another free program to try for the teenage crowd. It is an interactive game that lets kids practice writing JavaScript. Kids will need to have some knowledge of JavaScript to get the most out of this program.

High School

Finally the high school crowd, typically for ages 14-18.


When teenagers use Glitch, they’ll learn how to create apps. This free program works like Google Docs, allowing more than one person to work on the same project at once. This is where those teamwork skills we were talking about come into play.

Code HS

Code HS offers online-classes that teens can do at their own pace. There are video lessons, coding exercises, and even quizzes for kids to take to see how well they’re doing. Paid levels even offer live tutors. Take advantage of the limited free trial and if your child likes the program, choose from one of three paid levels.

While vacation may be on hold, there are plenty of available coding for kids’ programs. The goal is to find one that’s interesting so that your child stays engaged. Once you do, let their imaginations go wild as they take a trip to a different kind of experience.

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