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Travel Expert Slides and Splashes into Hotel Pool Live on TV; Viewers Learn Invaluable Lesson at the End

She travels from coast to coast, discovering and exploring the greatest destinations and hotels to stay in, so she can give away a free vacation package to the places she approves, but during a recent morning news broadcast promoting one hotel, she shocked the anchor and viewers when she did something she’s never done on live television.

For over twenty years, Emily Kaufman, better know to television viewers across America as The Travel Mom, has been sharing travel news, destination deals, travel tips and pointers, and most importantly giving away one free vacation every week on television and online.

Viewers watch The Travel Mom on national shows like Good Morning America to daytime talk shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show and the Steve Harvey Show, to local news stations from KTLA 5 in LA to Good Morning Arizona. Don’t corner her into someone who just promotes destinations and travel products on TV though, as you’ll catch her on news shows like NBC Nightly News, CNN, and others reporting on major issues that travelers face everyday. This past month, The Travel Mom was on TV 64 times discussing travel.

The Travel Mom on The Kelly Clarkson Show

The Travel Mom loves giving away vacations and there are no strings attached – it’s simple – enter your name and email on or like and comment on her social media channels every week. She announces the vacation giveaway of the week every Monday morning online and on television appearances she makes throughout the week and then announces the winner live on Facebook every Friday.

Every week it’s a different destination, hotel, and package. There’s a giveaway for everyone too, from family giveaways to places like LEGOLAND California to Wine Getaways to Sonoma, to Wellness Weekends at places like CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa near Phoenix, and that brings us near the scene of this story.

The Travel Mom appears on Good Morning America

To understand this story, you first have to understand what makes The Travel Mom unique and what her real passion and purpose is: to inform and inspire other people to travel, but wait, there’s more, when you dig deep it’s really about what she says every time she gets a chance “I don’t just want to talk about travel, I want to show people what it looks like, what they need to know, by doing it and documenting, and then sharing it with them so they too can experience new things and ultimately step our of their comfort zone to try news things.” It’s a mouth full, but you get the point – anyone can write about travel, take pictures at a destination and post them on instagram, but The Travel Mom has a unique connection with her audience and gets engagement numbers that aren’t often seen in today’s world of travel influencers, which she does not fit into either. There’s a difference between being an influencer and having influence on someone, and she’s honed the later skill by being who she is, and really being herself by educating, inspiring, and motivating her audience.

The Travel Mom Weekend Getaway, an experiential event for fans

It takes a lot to get peoples attention today, and The Travel Mom knows the importance of trying new things to capture and keep viewers and readers attention, and she’s up for it wherever she goes. So, on this trip to Phoenix to visit her family, The Travel Mom was live on TV promoting the Arizona Biltmore hotel, and for her segment on Good Morning Arizona, she thought she would shake things up this time and try something new – and she did.

On the morning of Saturday June 5, 2021, Good Morning Arizona anchor Jaime Cerreta welcomed The Travel Mom on to the show for a live segment talking about the hotel. Jaime knew she was going to be talking about the waterslides and the hotel, while updating viewers on the latest travel news, but she wasn’t quite prepared to see The Travel Mom jump down one of the massive waterslides at the hotel, but in true The Travel Mom style, she did it, and it was pure entertainment for everyone who watched. They were full of laughter, some shocked, and some awed, but everyone could feel the positive energy that The Travel Mom gave off as she screamed and laughed as she went sliding down the waterslide on live TV. And that energy is what sets her apart. It get your attention, it captures your wanderlust, and it motivates you to want to travel, to try something new, to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.


After all, our comfort zones are beautiful places, but nothing ever grows there. If you don’t believe that, there’s two other pieces to this story that make it even more special. The Travel Mom’s first job was at the Arizona Biltmore, where she was a maid. Ready for the next one? Good Morning Arizona was one one of the first shows The Travel Mom appeared on over twenty years ago. How’s that for serendipity?

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