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Here & Now: Boost Your Wellness With TV Host, Lifestyle Expert, and The Travel Mom’s Bestie, Tommy DiDario

When The Travel Mom asked me to write about what wellness meant to me and how I approach it, I immediately knew how I wanted to frame it up for you, because my ultimate goal is to help you achieve your wellness goals. I hope these help you move forward on your wellness journey!

The first step to successfully achieving your own wellness goals requires that you carve out a little time in the day to focus on YOU. Yes, you! It feels good to focus on your own well-being. It’s hard because we’re all doing our best to balance our busy lives, but I’m convinced that everyone can make the time if they really want to.

Once you take on that mindset, start by finding just 20 minutes a day. Those 20-minutes will make a big difference over time. It’s your time to focus on yourself, but it’ll only happen if you make it a priority. If you catch yourself pushing off your own-self care by saying things like “I don’t have the time,” stop and ask yourself how you can make time. We all need our own time, yet we do find the time to put everyone else around us first. Find ways to start with just 20-minutes and then grow from there.

I take care of my mind by doing a quick 20-minute yoga practice early in the morning to gain clarity. Tip: turn off all surrounding noise so you can focus on being present.

I practice wellness through my mind, body, and spirit.

Tommy DiDario

I take care of my body by exercising daily and by eating foods and supplements that fuel me. For the past two years, I’ve been taking Garden Of Life all-natural supplements and I’ve never felt better. Tip: try their multivitamin, apple cider vinegar gummies, and elderberry gummies.

I take care of my spirit, and perhaps this is most important, by surrounding myself around people who put goodness in the world. You are the company you keep is a lesson I learned very young, so choose wisely.

So here’s to being good to ourselves and continuing our wellness journeys!

p.s. – Hungry for a healthy snack? I recently shared the recipe for my vegan and flourless matcha chocolate chip cookies on the Rachael Ray Show! Watch it below and let me know how they turn out for you!

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